First day fishing!!!!!! (this time for real)

Grau Vell, Sagunto
Grau Vell, Sagunto

The day before yesterday, I went out alone. BIG mistake for a rookie like me, nothing captured and the worst I felt into the water…..not good, I managed to get back on top quickly lost my net but could have been worse I guess.

Yesterday I went out with “miguelmq1” and “pabloXato” from Kayak Fishing Valencia, it was a complete different story, first Pablo forgot his paddle so we had to wait for him to get it meanwhile I could set up my things.

Later on the 3 of us went out for some hours and went fishing, this time of year it’s very cold so fish are deeper and now it’s a good time for Cuttle fish, octopus and Squid, all delicious if you ask me 🙂 The first one was Miguel and later on Pablo with some cuttle fish I hook an huge octopus but I made a beginners fault as I tried to lift it out of the water and it was too heavy so it broke my line and disappeared into the sea with 3 of my jigs 😦 at the end I managed to catch to cuttlefish and had that for dinner and it had really excellent taste.

Now I need some rest my whole body is stiff because of the paddling of these two days.



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