The first day out….or not!!

Yesterday I met some of the guys of the club and it was a great time. First I had to find the meeting place and it was not easy to find at all and know I know why it’s almost deserted. “Grau Vell” this used to be an old port, located in Puerto de Sagunto , is southeast of the current Saguntine city, which is 6 km south of the southern margin of the Palencia River , whose mouth is reached by the Cami Vell de la Mar. This antique port was a hub of communications in transit of goods both coming from other towns in the Mediterranean bound for the southern Gallic cities, such as Greek emporium Massalia and the Emporiae , crops from Iberia north, as goods coming from inside the territory edetano through the waterway of Palencia, and departing from Grau Vell to trade with other parts of the Western Mediterranean just ruines are left of this.

see this link of beautiful pics of Grau Vell But enough history actually we had no chance to put the kayaks in the water as the wheather didn’t help, but just the snacks the tipical “porron” of vine some food and at the end the O so clasical “carajillos” to finish it up, after this and some and some joking around made it a great day. I now better days will come that’s one of the advantages of living in Valencia!!!!


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