And again at the beginning…

Actually I’ve been busy and why not say it all……….also bit lazy so that’s why I didn’t update.
But why not… Let’s retake this blog and give this some more pictures and I plan in putting more detail, will post some pictures and when I get back home so I can try my new Kayak. As it will be December when I can get back that will be the time to fish again cephalopods so Cuttlefish, Squids and Octopus here I go again !!!!

This was the biggest octopus I was a cray fight and I was not prepared for it.... still don't know how I got it in... I had to lift it out of the water with my bare hands
This was the biggest octopus I caught…it was a cray fight and I was not prepared for it…. still don’t know how I got it in… I had to lift it out of the water with my bare hands

It was a great year, did manage to catch some nice fish…not always had a camera with me but anyway it’s a great sample to see what we have around our area.

Learned a lot and had great memories with my friends.


a beast
a beast

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Nice Mediterranean barracuda
Nice Mediterranean barracuda
Some catches
Some catches
resting where we keep the kayaks
resting where we keep the kayaks
Catching some Carps with my son in a borrowed Kayak
they get bigger….
another get together in a remote location, we set up the tents and next morning go fishing in a cold morning
another get together in a remote location, we set up the tents and next morning go fishing in a cold morning
That day no great catches but awesome day to be out there
That day no great catches but awesome day to be out there

Combining fishing of cephalopods , lunch, and having enormous fun floating on the sea.

Yesterday was one of those great days, it was a almost windless day, bit cold but nothing that some good clothing could solve. After some tips of the previous trips I was ready to go and try to catch more Cuttle fish, although I was hoping for some squid and some octopus. Fishing octopus is a tricky thing when on kayak you really have to avoid for him to touch the kayak, if it does it’s game over you can’t take him onboard, it’s too strong even if you stab him o whatever you try, this can give some hilarious situations like suddenly hearing somebody shouting; get him off……. GET HIM OFF my face ūüôā

Anyway yesterday it was not to bad for a rookie like me, I managed to catch 7 Cuttle fish, 1 small octopus and a beautiful squid. The day was great, we started early in the morning and slowly we went in, later on when we got hungry we got together and had lunch, just hooking each other kayak, and sharing some beer, vine and food. When we had enough we went out showed each other the catches of the day and had some more wine. And then left home where I prepared the squid for dinner. What can I say the taste is just incomparable with the frozen ones you can buy.

After that a well deserved rest came in place.

When the sea is like this it's just the most relaxing sensation you can have
When the sea is like this it’s just the most relaxing sensation you can have


Sharing some food and drinks, it's just geat.
Sharing some food and drinks, it’s just geat.
catch of the day
catch of the day
Ready to cook
Ready to cook see these images as I forgot to make mine just remembered after eating it ūüôā

First day fishing!!!!!! (this time for real)

Grau Vell, Sagunto
Grau Vell, Sagunto

The day before yesterday, I went out alone. BIG mistake for a rookie like me, nothing captured and the worst I felt into the water…..not good, I managed to get back on top quickly lost my net but could have been worse I guess.

Yesterday I went out with ‚Äúmiguelmq1‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúpabloXato‚ÄĚ from Kayak Fishing Valencia, it was a complete different story, first Pablo forgot his paddle so we had to wait for him to get it meanwhile I could set up my things.

Later on the 3 of us went out for some hours and went fishing, this time of year it’s very cold so fish are deeper and now it’s a good time for Cuttle fish, octopus and Squid, all delicious if you ask me ūüôā The first one was Miguel and later on Pablo with some cuttle fish I hook an huge octopus but I made a beginners fault as I tried to lift it out of the water and it was too heavy so it broke my line and disappeared into the sea with 3 of my jigs ūüė¶ at the end I managed to catch to cuttlefish and had that for dinner and it had really excellent taste.

Now I need some rest my whole body is stiff because of the paddling of these two days.


The first day out….or not!!

Yesterday I met some of the guys of the club and it was a great time. First I had to find the meeting place and it was not easy to find at all and know I know why it’s almost deserted. “Grau Vell” this used to be an old port,¬†located in¬†Puerto de Sagunto¬†, is southeast of the current Saguntine city, which is 6 km south of the southern margin of the¬†Palencia River¬†, whose mouth is reached by the¬†Cami Vell de la Mar.¬†This antique port was a hub of communications in transit of goods both coming from other towns in the¬†Mediterranean¬†bound for the southern Gallic cities, such as Greek emporium¬†Massalia¬†and the¬†Emporiae¬†,¬†crops¬†from¬†Iberia¬†north, as goods coming from inside the territory¬†edetano¬†through the waterway of Palencia, and departing from¬†Grau Vell¬†to trade with other parts of the¬†Western Mediterranean¬†just ruines are left of this.

see this link of beautiful pics of Grau Vell¬†But enough history actually we had no chance to put the kayaks in the water as the wheather didn’t help, but just the snacks the tipical “porron” of vine some food and at the end the O so clasical “carajillos” to finish it up, after this and some and some joking around made it a great day. I now better days will come that’s one of the advantages of living in Valencia!!!!

The Start


This is yesterday when I finally received my kayak, I became almost crazy just looking for the right kayak too many choizes … not really do, changed my opinion severall times but finally the Wilderness product won. Went WAYYY over the budget but if there is something I hate is making mistakes specially on expensive items like this.
Tried it out today, here in the mediterranean the waves are smaller but the frequency is quite higher and they can be a burden. I must say it behaved well but my opinion is not a good one as this is my first kayak.

Kayak fishing